The main contribution of EDEKT SA in providing investment advisory services, is related to the initial design and set-up of the long-term investment policy (strategic asset allocation of investments, definition of benchmarks, etc.), and the portfolio structure (ratio of active / passive management, number of managers, etc.).

Due to the fact that financial conditions are not stable, the definition of the long-term investment strategy is a dynamic process, as it is based on risk/reward assumptions that frequently are re-assessed. In this context, EDEKT SA continuously monitors global trends in pension fund management, and periodically reviews the investment strategy, which, however, does not necessarily change.

After evaluating international best practices, we provide our clients customized solutions for the most optimal long-term investment strategy given their liabilities, their risk tolerance and their expectations for the return on investments.

As regards to the portfolio structure, the definition of the optimal structure includes the structure through which the strategic and tactical asset allocation strategy are implemented, as well as detailed investment guidelines. The ratio of active / passive management is defined taking into account the investment risk undertaken to achieve the desired expected return per investment category, with the aim of minimizing the total management costs and fees..

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