EDEKT SA was established in 1999 (Law 2768). Its initial objective was to provide top investment and fiduciary management services to Greek public pension funds. In 2011, EDEKT amended its objective to provide its services, among others, to Occupational Insurance Funds.

As an investment firm, the Company is supervised by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, and complies with all the Rules of Conduct and Ethics to defend the interests of its customers and to avoid conflicts of interest, while it is mainly governed by Law 4514 / 2018 "Financial Instrument Markets and Other Provisions" (Directive 2014/65 / EU of the European Parliament - MiFID II).

The Company offers a wide range of investment services, while it has proven experience of over 15 years in providing fiduciary management services, as it provides portfolio management services, investment advice and investment services to Greek Social Security Institutions since 2000. The main advantages that contribute to the efficiency of the Company include transparency and good corporate governance, specialized staff, with education and experience in investment issues, a high sense of responsibility towards the customer and offering competitive services.

Since its establishment until today, the main activity of the Company is the management of the Special Fund of the former TAP-OTE (now e-EFKA), whose investment policy is based on the management standards of international pension funds, taking into account the long-term investment horizon and effectiveness of a fully diversified portfolio.

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