EDEKT applies a detailed due diligence process in the selection of external fund managers. EDEKT's approach to manager selection combines both quantitative and qualitative criteria. The weight of each criterion varies depends on whether the portfolio is passive or active. The process of selecting fund managers specifically includes the following steps:

  • Questionnaires for an initial due diligence on external managers and to assess the competitive advantage or specialization of managers
  • Dedicated due diligence questionnaires are then submitted regarding the evaluation of managers and their specialization in specific areas of investment.
  • The evaluation of the questionnaires is based on both quantitative and qualitative criteria, while the final selection is made based on a weighted grading system of the defined criteria

When evaluating investment products, research is performed, based on quantitative and statistical analysis in order to determine the most effective investment.

Upon the completion of an investment with an external manager, there is a process of continuous manager evaluation and assessment. The evaluation includes a monthly compliance assessment with investment guidelines, risk/return analysis, comparison of expected with real risk (ex-ante versus ex-post tracking error), meetings as well as presentations with the respective manager at regular intervals, etc.

Therefore, the manager selection services provided by EDEKT SA do not end with the final selection of an external fund manager. On the contrary, EDEKT continuously evaluates and controls the services offered by external managers on an ongoing basis, ensuring prudent management and compliance with investment guidelines.

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