Corporate Governance

EDEKT SA was established on the basis of Law 2768/1999 as an Investment Services Provider Company (SA) with the permission of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission and in accordance with the provisions of Laws 3606 / 2007, 2396/1996 and 2190/1920. From the foundation of the company until 2009, its primary purpose was the management of the “Special FUND TAP-OTE”. This purpose was maintained even after the transfer of the “Special FUND of TAP-OTE” to IKA-ETAM, and then to e-EFKA.

The main prospects of the company mainly concern the expansion of its customer base both between the social security institutions and occupational pension funds in Greece.

The current share capital of the Company (100,000 shares with a nominal value of € 3.00 each) is € 300,000. Also, following the implementation of Law 4670/2020, the current shareholding structure of the Company is as follows:

  • Unified Social Security Fund e-EFKA (90%)
  • Federation of Hellenic Telecom Employees (OME-OTE)(5%)
  • Greek State (5%)

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Corporate Governance and Control

The Board of Directors of the Company, recognizing the importance of effective Corporate Governance, has adopted a policy, which is in line with the international requirements of the Corporate Governance Codes in conjunction with the existing Greek Institutional Framework. It has established the following committees:

  • Management Committee
  • Risk Management Committee
  • Audit Committee

These Committees, together with the services of Regulatory Compliance and Internal Audit, are responsible for the implementation of the Corporate Governance Principles in EDEKT SA. The Management Committee is responsible for the implementation of the decisions of the Board of Directors and the daily operation of the Company, while the Risk Management Committee is responsible for the evaluation of the following risks:

  • Credit Risks
  • Market and Liquidity Risks
  • Operational Risks
  • Business and Corporate Reputation & Values

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